Investment Approach

We are flexible and creative.

We partner with experienced real estate operators throughout the United States that have a proven ability to execute on a defined strategy, or in a specific market. We source and execute a broad range of opportunities through various structures and solutions, including:

  • Joint Venture Equity: new investments where a historically low basis and thoughtful business plan to reposition an asset can deliver strong cash yields and/or total returns, along with situations where market fundamentals are robust, but where the asset is distressed and capital markets or management issues drive a sale
  • General Partner Financing: selectively provide GP capital to operators, allowing them to meet co-investment requirement
  • Recapitalizations / Gap Equity: provide liquidity for operators seeking follow-on capital for tenant improvements, leasing commissions, debt pay-down or repurchase, bridge equity, and limited partner replacement
  • Non-Performing and Discounted Loans: pursue non-performing and discounted loan pools of more than five notes in an arms-length transaction (buying from a bank), as well as one-off partnerships with a defaulting borrower (DPO or note purchase) where greater transparency is available